Collaborations with Sigridur Johannsdottir

Collaborations with Sigridur Johannsdottir in Woven Tapestry Art Works

Five private exhibitions with Woven Tapestry Art Works and participating in many group shows 
showing Tapestry Art and Textile Art in Iceland and abroad.

Church Vestments and textiles for Chapel of The National University Hospital, Videyjarchurch, Hallgrimschurch, Akrachurch, Budachurch, Fella- og Holachurch, Reykjavik Cathedral, Holacathedral, Holar in Hjaltadal, Landachurch and Stave Church in Westman Island, Iceland
Woven Tapestry Art Works for Hotel Saga, Reykjavik, Iceland and in many private collections.

Sigridur Johannsdottir has been the assistant to Leifur Breidfjord in making stained glass windows since 1971